TILTx offers a complete compliance solution designed to make running your contact center effortless.  We offer services such as STIR/SHAKEN, US and international telephone numbers (DIDs), termination via our tier-1 network, a local presence solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI Numbers), NumberRisk caller ID assessment services using AI as well (AI Health), SMS, and other services, as well as several integrations for Vicidial.

Solutions for Contact Centers

Hotline Consultant

Telephone Numbers and
Call Termination

For Telephone Numbers, TILTx's voice network covers roughly 96% of the USA and Canada.  We also offer telephone numbers from most European countries, the UK, and Australia.

For Termination, TILTx's network is comprised of only Tier I providers, offering you access to better voice quality and connection rates than other providers.

Vicidial Integrations

TILTx provides custom integrations for Vicidial that allow to easily implement and automate most of our services, including STIR/SHAKEN, National DNC scrub, AI Health, AI Numbers, Automated SMS, and others.


TILTx exposes most services via RESTful-compliant web services.  You may easily integrate most of our services into your software, workflow, or process.  We also provide code samples via our Knowledge Base.