We are Looking for an Asterisk Developer/Administrator

TILTX is looking for an Asterisk Developer and/or Administrator.  Here's what you need to bring to the table:

  1. Passion for working in VoIP with Asterisk.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to work with the most common Asterisk configuration files such as extensions.conf, sip.conf, pjsip.conf, and others.

  3. Show us you can troubleshoot a call gone wrong.

  4. We work exclusively with the Linux command-line.  So, you really need to know that.

    • We do not use any graphical interface for Asterisk.  That's right.  Good 'ol fashioned vi/vim/pico and shell commands is all we use.​

  5. We prefer you live in the Little Fall, NY or surrounding areas.

  6. When you first start, we will need you in our Little Falls, NY office.

    • After we feel confident in your Asterisk skills, you can work remotely most of the time.​

+1 281 767 2166

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